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Celebrity guests will be appearing on-site in pre-designated booths throughout the convention area (maps of the ballrooms will be provided as the show gets closer). Fans will be able to line up and meet guests, purchase autographs and selfies. Experiencing personable moments with these various guests during the show hours. Select guests will feature line cut access for VIP & Platinum ticket holders, allowing for quicker access to purchase autographs and meet select guests. Most celebrity guests will be allowing photography at their booth (outside of pre-order professional photo ops), although some fees may apply for selfies (including combo deals for both autographs/selfies). In certain situations, higher-demand guests may feature a "virtual queue" line system. This does not differ much from standard line systems, except that instead of showing up at 5pm and waiting in line for 2 hours, we give you a special ticket in which allows you to leave the line and returned at a pre-determined time. For more information on virtual queues, CLICK HERE!


Autograph pricing generally ranges from $20 to $60 per guest, with the possibility of additional fees for selfies (or discount pricing for combos; i.e., autograph and selfie). It is suggested to assume each guest is approx $30-40 each.


Photo Ops (Sold by CelebPhotoOps)

*Please do not email or send Facebook messages to HHW staff and/or volunteers inquiring about unlisted pricing details as this information is not publicly known.