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Select vendors who attended the March 2022 HorrorHound Weekend event will have first-right to refusal for our March 2022 show. Not every vendor who attended the March 2022 event is guaranteed a spot into our September event. In the case leftover vendor space is available after that pre-sale – any open spaces will be sold via wait list email requests, pending approval. To request to be placed on our mailing list for future events, please visit the official VENDOR SUBMISSION page by CLICKING HERE. IMPORTANT: Be sure to include your full name, company name, Web site (if applicable), and what do you sell! If you fail to include this information, you may be left off our mailing list. Once approved, you will be placed on our mailing list. Prior to the next HHW event, a mass-email will be send which includes a link to complete your vendor purchase (PLEASE NOTE: Vendor Booth space sell out VERY quickly. If you receive the link and the booth space is listed as sold out, you may email asking to be placed on a wait-list, but generally the best way to assure a space is to act quick when those links go out). Vendor links will be emailed in batches, via a combination of first-come/first-serve, as well as filtering to assure a broad vendor selective for our attendees (i.e. we will not sell out our vendor room to 100 t-shirt vendors). This is done so to protect the vendors themselves, as well as assure a dynamic vendor room for attendees. Tables are only guaranteed via payment through the ordering link submitted in our email to you. Please, DO NOT mail or paypal funds without prior-written approval - the ONLY way to secure a space is to email your information to weekend@horrorhound.com (again, it is very important to include your company name – and what you sell). It is VERY important to include what you sell! Booths are approx 6x6' in space.


Below is a list of confirmed attending vendors for our September 9-11th, 2022 event. If you have successfully paid for vendor space, but do not see your business listed below, please email us and let us know of the omission. We are no longer accepting new vendor requests or requests to be placed on waiting lists. Thank you. *If you are an attending vendor and wish to have your image/logo adjusted, please send corrected art/info to weekend@horrorhound.com.



*Ticket Admission for HorrorHound Weekend Grants Ticket Holder into the HorrorHound Film Festival and the Q&A/Panel Rooms!