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Virtual Queue FAQ

Like higher-demand guests at HorrorHound Weekend events, Robert Englund's autograph signing will be managed using an effective "Virtual Queue" system.

The virtual queue is a system in which attendees receive a numbered ticket maintaining their place in line. Only a specific number of tickets will be distributed each day (based on the number of attendees said-guest can physically sign for in a given day). These tickets will be available to HorrorHound Weekend attendees on a first-come, first-serve basis in order to reflect individual line placement. Tickets will have a time dictating when recipient can return to autograph area to enter physical line. Keep track of updated Virtual Queue information by following our official Facebook Account by CLICKING HERE

The goal of the virtual queue line is to assure attendees do not spend four-plus hours physically in line waiting for a guest signing, and is done so in an effort to further enhance enjoyment for fans over the course the three-day event. Furthermore, virtual queue's are required to limit line length, to assure lessened crowding that could be deemed a fire hazard. Be aware that the virtual-queue system does not guarantee attendees an autograph from Robert Englund (or any guest in which the queue system is implemented for). But it does guarantee attendees will not have to wait in line for multiple hours. Please read over this information carefully – so you can be fully informed as to how the virtual-queue line will work.

• Time-numbered virtual-queue line tickets will be made available to HorrorHound Weekend attendees who wish to purchase an autograph from specific guests (ie: Robert Englund).

• These tickets do not guarantee the holder an autograph. The holder is only guaranteed a spot in line. Any ticket numbers issued that day which are not met prior to the close of the show the same day will be granted first-in-line the following day.

• The virtual-queue line ticket is solely used for line placement/entry into the guest signing area. All autographs by guest are associated with an autograph price – which is set by the guest’s management and will be paid just prior to meeting the guest, not at the time you receive the virtual-queue line ticket.

• The location of virtual-queue line ticket pick-up will be at the location of said-guest's booth signing area. It will be a clear and convenient area within the event center. Please visit the HHW information booth if you are unable to locate.

• You MUST have your HorrorHound Weekend badge/wristband in order to acquire a numbered virtual-queue line ticket. You must go through registration before a virtual-queue line ticket can be issued to you. Your ticket printout will not be accepted; you must first check in at registration and exchange your ticket for a HorrorHound Weekend badge/wristband.

• Tickets will have specific times wherein ticket holder can enter physical line (such as 2pm). In this instance, beginning at 2pm, said-ticket holder can enter guest's physical line. HorrorHound Weekend staff will verify that each attendee entering the line is holding the proper ticket currently being accepted. Attendees will not be asked to line up in numeric order. The ticket number does not designate or guarantee a specific placement within the line, only entry into said line.

• The virtual queue is not necessary for VIP ticket holders. Upon registration check-in, VIP ticket holders will receive a line-cut pass which will grant them ONE line-cut access to a varying number of celebrities signing at HHW throughout the three-day event. If they choose Robert, a special line-cut access will grant ticket-holder admission into the VIP line. We ask that VIP ticket holders please understand the terms of this perk – which can be used at ANY TIME throughout the weekend. If the majority of VIP ticket holders determine to “cash in” their line-cut within the same time period, the virtual queue will stagger in conjunction with the VIP line and may result in some delay. If these delays occur, VIPs can opt out of line and return at any time within show hours.

• Only a predesignated volume of numbered virtual-queue line tickets will be issued. This volume reflects the number of autographs the GUEST is reasonably anticipated to sign during show hours. Once all tickets have been issued, the GUEST's line will be capped and no additional tickets will be issued that day. In the case that all virtual-queue tickets are turned in prior to show's end, the GUEST’s line will be opened up to standard-line formation until end of that day’s event.

• For any reason deemed appropriate by the promoter of HorrorHound Weekend or the guest/management, the virtual queue line may be reverted back to a standard line at any time during the event. If this would occur, proper overhead announcements will be made assuring queue ticket-holders the ability to line up in order of their designated times.

• At any point during a HorrorHound Weekend event, if a guest line becomes too overwhelming to manage via provided line stantions, a virtual queue may be implemented for that guest.

• Due to a litany of possible reasons, if a guest utilizing virtual queue system may not be able to complete the number of queued attendees – HorrorHound Weekend may offer a line cut pass for any one single guest within the show floor, or a discounted ticket to attend a future HorrorHound Weekend event. In cases virtual card holders are not fulfilled, and would like to receive one of these two optional perks, we ask that the unused virtual queue ticket be turned into the HorrorHound Information Booth.

• Virtual Queue tickets have no financial value associated with them and cannot be held to future events.


***Like all guests with high demand, there are no guarantees every HHW ticket holder can or will have the ability to meet any/all guests. We provide various opportunities throughout the weekend outside of autographs, including Q&A panels and photo-op sales (which have no cap).