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After nearly two years since the last physical HorrorHound Weekend event took place, COVID-19 has adjusted the landscape for for mass gatherings and events are both viewed and managed. We ask that all attendees of the upcoming HorrorHound Weekend event please be mindful of the changes to our standards of living and empathy towards your fellow horror fans as government and health mandated rules and practices have (and continue) to change on a weekly basis. Here is the latest information regarding the health and safety outlines of our upcoming HorrorHound Weekend event.

• With the alarming rise in Covid Cases in Ohio over this past week; we please urge HHW attendees to enjoy the show with a mask on, to help protect your fellow attendees as well as our visiting guests.

• In a move to aid in safety concerns, Celebrity Room "C" will be mask-mandated for this event (this room includes Robert Englund, Billy Zane, Jasom Mewes, Michael Rooker, Danielle Harris, Nadia Hilker, Lisa Zane, Brian O'Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Nick Castle, James Jude Courtney, and Robert Patrick). Guests/fans will be allowed to temporarily remove the mask for selfies. The remaining vendor halls, Q&A Room, Film Fest, and guest areas will continue to follow standard guidelines laid out on this page. This adjustment is due to the manner in which the room is being used. As fans are being lined up in queued areas, in smaller; limited social distancing space; it's our goal to do what's safest for the room (and more importantly, the people in said room). *We will have a limited number of masks at the door but urge everyone to please bring their own.

• From the Sharonville Convention Center: "The Sharonville Convention Center has taken aggressive action against the Coronavirus and other airborne contaminants through our proactive initiative to maximize indoor air quality. This initiative involves a new approach to ventilation, air system filters, routine system cleaning, and an avid pursuit of maintaining high level air quality. This new system, named Halo-LED proactively treats every cubic inch of air conditioned and heated space, thereby, reducing airborne and surface contaminants, pollutants, bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses such as Covid-19. ... However, LED UV light is only effective in reducing airborne micro-organisms that pass through the light rays. Therefore, it was decided we would strengthen this project further by installing the Commercial PHI Unit by RGF® which is designed to reduce micro-organisms in the air and on all surfaces by 99.9% through a process called photo-hydro-ionization. ... We are so excited about this new approach to creating a safe space for all of Sharonville’s activities to resume. We are passionate about bringing communities together in responsible ways through meetings, events, conventions and trade shows.

• Additionally, sanitation stations have been installed at various points of the convention center and neighboring hotels.

• As of August 10, 2021, Mask Mandates had not been made mandatory for the Sharonville Convention Center. However, with rising cases of Covid in recent weeks, it is possible that said-mandates could be inacted by show time. Please be mindful of this in preparation for the HorrorHound Weekend event. If you do not have a mask, and wish to have one, one will be provided for you at the door of the event. If mask mandates are not made mandatory by show time, we still urge our attendees to continue to wear masks to help limit the spread of COVID-19 in an effort to both protect yourself, your neighbors, the various staff and volunteers at the event, vendors, and celebrity guests.

• Followingcounty regulations, beyond CDC requests and requirement, proof-of-vaccine will not be requested to enter HorrorHound Weekend. Although we urge anyone planning to attend to stay home if they show any signs of sickness, including fever, or have knowingly been in contact with someone who was recentyly diagnosed with Covid. DO NOT attend the event if you yourself have tested positive with Covid (even if you show no signs of sickness) within 14 days prior to event.

• After consideration of the impact of COVID-19, HorrorHound Weekend has chosen to discontinue its Saturday evening indoor concert experience. We have chosen to elevate additional after-hour experiences in lieu of an event that would encorage close-gathering of hundreds of people in an enclosed space. An outdoor concert is being planned at the Third Eye Brewing tap house located just outside of the Marriott Delta hotel – and special outdoor "drive-in" screenings will take place at the patio area of the Marriott Delta hotel on Friday and Saturday evenings. Additionally, film festival screenings will take place at the Marriott Delta and Hyatt hotels during after hours, and a special limited attendance Scareoke Dance Party will take place on each night.

• Hotel rules and restrictions have been changing on a daily basis. But we anticipate the possibility of mask mandates for most hotels while indoors (particularly the lobby and hallway areas).

• PRO OPS – As of this update, no attending celebrity guests have requested plexiglass barrier for Pro Photo Ops. Although one will be on-hand during the event in case things change. Barrier will ONLY be used in case of request by specific guests. In all situations, masks may be removed when taking your professional photo ops.

Thank you, and please be sure to visit this page again, prior to show time, to see any new or updated information that may be helpful to your enjoyment of the event. Also, please follow the official HorrorHound Facebook page for the latest updates. CLICK HERE.